Whatever You Did, It Must Have Been Naughty

Whatever You Did, It Must Have Been Naughty

I don’t have to say a word. That sudden sadistic smile is enough to tell you: you’ve transgressed, and now you’re going to be punished.

“Down on your knees,” I say, and you kneel on the spot, arms crossed behind your back, thighs parted. This is the position I’ve trained you to take when I want your body displayed for my pleasure. The way your back arches when you kneel for me makes your breasts stand at attention, and you’re intimately aware of my eyes as they travel up and down the curves of your body. The distance between your thighs makes you feel open, vulnerable.

Then I’m standing over you, looking down, stern yet pleased. Gently I take your chin in my hands, bend over and give you a light kiss, then I let you settle back onto your knees. “Arms up.” You comply so I can pull off your shirt; your bra lasts only seconds more. Goosebumps rise on your naked flesh, but is it from the sudden cold or is it a reaction to the way I squeeze your breasts? I pinch your nipples between thumb and forefinger, smiling to myself when a tiny moan escapes your lips. My hand slides slowly down your abs, creeping, teasing, until my wrist slides past the hem of your panties and you feel my finger brush between your labia.

You moan again when my finger enters you, from expectation as much as experience. “Such a slutty little girl,” I say, the tone of my voice betraying my pride in your wantonness. I pinch your nipple again, harder, as I slip a second finger inside your cunt, fucking you fingertip to knuckle until your begin to rock back and forth on knees and heels in time with me. Then I stop—I pull my hand out of your panties and thrust my fingers into your mouth, gently gagging you as you lick and suck your juices off my skin. “Good girl,” I whisper in your ear as you fellate my fingers, making silent promises with your lips and tongue that you know my cock will collect on later.

But you know this is only the beginning. I pull my fingers out of your mouth and look down at you again, my face hard to read. Then I grab a fistful of your hair, and without needing to be told you bring your arms back around and put your hands on the ground so you can follow me on all fours the way I’ve trained you. I lead you by your hair to the bedroom, where you know your real punishment is about to begin.

“Strip. Hands on the bed, ass up,” I say as I let go of your hair, and you crawl to the bed. You slip out of your jeans and panties and bend over the mattress, presenting your ass to me, thighs parted to allow me access and to show off the magenta flush of your lust. You can feel the heat between your legs, the dampness where my fingers’ fucking made your juices trickle down your thighs. When you hear me rummaging in the toy drawer you turn to look—and avert your eyes just as quickly when you realize I’ve caught you, but it’s too late.

“Naughtier and naughtier,” I say, grinning as I saunter up behind you and place the blindfold over your eyes. I grind my crotch against your ass as I pull the blindfold strings tight, letting you feel my erection slide between your curves. “You know better. But it looks like I need to remind you.” Then I’m gone again, and you’re suddenly aware of the emptiness between your legs, the desperate need to be filled, fucked, owned. Blind beneath the satin, you have only your imagination to supply imagery to go along with the sounds as I continue to pull out unseen toys. You wait, impatient but helpless, aware of your breath, the feel of our bedspread against the sensitive swell of your aroused nipples, the fibers of carpet poking up between your toes.

How long do I make you wait in silence? You couldn’t say. But time leaps back into motion when you feel the paddle smack your left buttock. You know this toy; blood-red leather, with a thin metal strip buried inside to give it that extra bite on impact. The paddle makes a sharp THWACK every time I land a blow, trailing rosy rectangular marks on your milky ass that will turn to blue-black bruises overnight. There will be no sitting down tomorrow without recalling tonight’s punishment, your submission at my hands and what you did to land yourself here. Somehow that fills you with a deep sense of pride, pride that you are mine and you have the strength to submit to my discipline, and you fix your posture almost subconsciously, hungry to obey and earn my approval, even as gasps of pain escape your mouth.

You hear me set the paddle on the bed by your face, touch it lightly with an outstretched finger, though you know better than to move your hands from their spots. I sigh happily as I run my hands over your ass, drawing little moans and squeals when I linger over the tenderest spots. You feel my hands in your hair again, that lovely brunette hair that feels so good in my fist; I give it a slight tug, not wanting anything from you, just enjoying the sense of ownership it gives me to take you by your locks. Your hair still wrapped in my fist, I kiss lightly between your shoulder blades, trace a line of kisses down your spine. You wiggle your hips as my lips and tongue pass slowly over the new marks on your ass; I run my tongue slowly between your ass cheeks, and then my mouth is on your cunt and you moan, loudly, unable to hold yourself back.

My tongue slips between your labia, tracing a circle around your sex, wet and warm, and your cunt becomes the center of your sightless world. “Spread your legs more,” I tell you, but you barely need the command; your need compels you to open yourself to me, to present your body to your master. You feel me lick up and down, tracing unknowable patterns against your pink temple, flicking my tongue against the hood of your clit while she swells. You can feel your breath grow shallow, your tongue running along your lips as your mouth seems to go dry. The orgasm is building, it’s coming, you’re almost cumming, you cry out for permission, oh god may you please—!


And just like that you no longer feel my mouth on you. Your legs shake and you laugh bitterly, call me a fucking asshole, which earns you a smack on your already aching ass. For what feels like an eternity I leave you bent over the bed, blindfolded and nude, while the orgasm that was in your grasp slips away.

Then you feel the first drop of lube trickle between your buttocks, and my finger follows, spreading the lube first around your ass, then slipping inside. This isn’t the first time I’ve had my finger in your ass; I’ve been training your ass for weeks now, gradually teaching you to take my fingers and various toys inside this most sensitive of orifices. You relax your breathing like I’ve taught you, let the tension flow out of your back and shoulders and open yourself to me, accepting my finger and drawing it deeper inside you, which earns another whisper of “Good girl” in your ear.

Satisfied that you’re well-lubricated, I slide the notched anal beads inside you. Even if you can’t see the toy, you know the beads by the way they feel when they violate your ass. Each bead on the line is larger than the last, and though the first few go in effortlessly, by the middle of the chain you’re aware of each bead as it forces you open wider, your technically-virgin asshole stretching to engulf each notch of the chain. As I slowly fuck you with the anal beads, sliding them in and out of your ass, you hear a familiar buzz begin, and you wet your lips in anticipation. When the bodywand touches down against your pussy you wiggle and squeal, but the feel of the anal beads in your ass keeps you in your place and reminds you that you’re being punished, that you will remain in the position I ordered you to take until I tell you otherwise.

Still, you know I love it when you’re slutty for me, and you put on a show, rubbing your greedy pussy against the bodywand while I fuck your ass with the beads. Again your breath quickens, and though you can’t see it the flesh around your pussy takes on the glow of an autumn sunset. Now you’re riding the bodywand, feeling the vibrations travel up through your hips and into your back teeth; suddenly you’re taking the anal beads deeper, easier; your toes begin to curl; you squirm, you beg, master, can you please, please, please…

“Be a good slut and cum for me.”

Could you have helped yourself if I said no this time? It doesn’t matter; you have permission, and the dam breaks. You howl and shudder against the bodywand, you clench the bedspread in your fists; are your feet even touching the ground? All reality reduces to an infinite blur of chaos; every nerve ending in your body fires at once. When you come to again, you can sense the weight of the bodywand on the bed next to the paddle and I’ve pulled the beads from your ass. You sense I’m watching you, waiting.

You wonder if tonight is the night I’m going to take your ass. That night is coming—you know it. Your pussy, your mouth, your hands, your breasts—I’ve taken them all from you, made them mine to use as I please. We both know why I’ve been training your ass; it’s only a matter of time before I lay proper claim to the last of your orifices.

But no; instead I untie the blindfold and pull you to your feet, rub your thighs and legs to check you still have your proper circulation, then I take a handful of your hair and push you back down to your knees. My cock is free now, staring you in the face, and your mouth waters. You don’t need me to give the order; you know it’s time for worship. “Gooood girl,” I coo as you wrap your lips around my shaft. My hands run through your hair as you lick, suck and kiss the manifestation of your servitude. I stroke you lightly and whisper praise as you please me, telling you what a good little slut you are, that you belong to me, how good you’re making me feel. When I feel myself getting close I pull out of your mouth and cum across your breasts; you know how much I love marking you as my territory. Like a good girl, you suck the leftovers from my cock, then lick my leavings from your breasts.

Afterward we lay in bed together, cuddling, kissing, enjoying the feel and sight and smell of each other, bathed in one another’s fluids. I plant a kiss on your mouth, look you in the eyes, and say, “Remind me again what you did to earn that.”

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