Confessions are so tacky

Bless me internet, for I have neglected my website. It has been a whole shit-ton of days since my last substantial post.

Somehow life has imitated art, and I’ve followed in the footsteps of Bob the Frycook lately, paying my way through life slinging redneck soulfood, trying to figure out life, the Universe and everything, occasionally trying and mostly failing to find love. It’s not a terrible life, though I yearn for a return to the city. And who knows, I may still find my Manisha where I least expect her.

I’m also feeling eager to get something creative rolling again here. That impulse has motivated me to get the site in better working order. The chapters under the Plain and Honest Truth heading are now all in updated order, and there’s a new chapter, Persons In Need of Suppressing, that fans of Anonymous may way to check out.

Other than that… I’ve added a few more sections to the top bar. Again, I’m changing things around here in preparation to start posting new content on a regular basis. Infrastructure is nice. If you haven’t read The Edward System and want to do so before I do the final edit… go ahead. It’s there. I’m putting a few essays under the I Think Too Much Sometimes sub-heading as well. Oh, and the Enosis menu works now too. Jesus it’s funny how much stuff can get broken when you change themes. 😮

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