How about some purposefully awful Christmas music?

Do you hate Christmas music as much as I do? Then have I got just the albums for you!

I can’t describe how much I want to put that song on repeat on the speakers at a WalMart somewhere.

Back in 2009, the goons at Something Awful created a pair of purposefully horrific Christmas albums. I can still find a couple songs from that project on YouTube, but I haven’t been able to find the whole thing. Luckily, I have both albums on my hard drive. I would suggest downloading these and playing them at your holiday parties. If you’re as tired of shitty Christmas music as I am, why not try fighting fire with napalm this year?

Of course, note that when I say “purposefully awful,” that’s not to say that this album is necessarily bad. Hell, I’d say a few of the tracks on here are downright badass; personal favorites beyond “Ho Ho Ho It’s Christmas Time” and the one-lyric “Christmas” that got the project rolling (both of which I love for the sheer schadenfreude) include “We Wish You An Adequate Festive Period,” “Robot Jesus,” “Wisest Man,” “CHRISTmas” and “Cancer For Christmas.” You know, just listen to the whole thing. It’s chock full of good stuff.

Quick disclaimer: I didn’t make any of these songs. I’m just a fan trying to spread the love. I’m assuming these should all be in the public domain given the manner of their creation and original distribution.

I’m also knee-deep in the next bit of “The American Occupy Movement and the Way Forward,” so expect that soon-ish. Oh, and I suppose it’s time to get rid of the site’s fall colors…

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