Weekends are too damn short

Random thoughts from the past few days:

Absurdity is the inevitable result of giving anything a moment’s thought.

“Did she just call me a square!? Ma’am, I assure you, my geometry is decidedly non-Euclidean.”

Seeing a man in a business suit and tie reading Atlas Shrugged on the MAX struck me as very like seeing a man on death row for murder reading a bible.

So here it’s going on 5 PM and I still have math and writing to do. Even with the extra hour, today has flown by before I was even close to started with it. And I never did get out to see the new Harold and Kumar movie. Instead, I spent most of Saturday down at Occupy Portland. Time is a pain in the ass, isn’t it?

I’m working on another piece about the Occupy movement, but there’s nothing to toss up yet. If you want something to read, try some Doctor Cat. Every once in a while I find a webcomic that immediately forces me to sit in my chair and read it from the beginning (this may help explain why I don’t get things done on time). Doctor Cat is just the latest example. Read it.

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