Good old fashioned police brutality

Give this a watch. Here’s a link to a news story about the ongoing investigation related to the video.

Now ask yourself: What’s the worst thing about this story?

Is it that a cop beat the shit out of a drunk man without justification? No.

Is it the number of American citizens who, so used at this point to the constant presence of the prison-industrial complex and so wrapped in their own privilege, will choose to support their oppressors and deride the victim, thinking it will never be them on the receiving end of the baton? No.

Is it the fact that the offending officer, Dustin Ries, has apparently already been suspended twice before and is still allowed to work in law enforcement? No.

Is it the fact that, considering most police brutality seems to go unpunished, the offending officer probably won’t receive more than a slap on the wrist for this latest offense? No.

The worst thing about this story is that no one is at all surprised that it happened in the first place, and we can all agree, if we’re honest, that it’s only a matter of time before this sort of thing happens again. The only facts that are exceptional regarding this particular case of police brutality are 1) someone caught it on camera and 2) the police didn’t confiscate the camera before it could hit YouTube. American citizens have come to both accept and expect police brutality as an endemic part of the modern US government, and that is the death knell of a free society.

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