Enosis: The Newborn and the Eye

Enosis is a project I’d mentioned previously in my blog posts. It’s kind of on-hold while I’m working on PHT, but I have a couple of chapters done, so they might as well go up here. This is roughly the first half of the story “The Newborn and the Eye.”

In this story, the former republic of Sayrun has been ruled for two generations now by the Tier family, whose brutal, militaristic Tierveh government doesn’t have that great of a record when it comes to respecting human rights. Tierveh’s in something of a cold war with its neighbors, and there are simmering pockets of resistance hidden throughout the country, but there’s something preventing large-scale warfare from breaking out. That something is the Nephilim.

The Nephilim are massive, mutated beings with seemingly supernatural powers rumored to feast on the souls of the dead. For the past few decades the Nephilim have wandered the earth, attacking human settlements and slaughtering anyone they find. Their presence has forced the rapid development of new forms of defensive technologies, such as Tierveh’s Golem units, but thus far defense has been all any nation has been able to achieve against the Nephilim; no one has been able to kill one. That may change with Tierveh’s top-secret ANGEL project.

But our protagonist, Core, doesn’t know a thing about any of that at the start. Core doesn’t seem to know much of anything at all, actually, a bona fide blank slate of a mind; and we’re not talking amnesia here, but rather full-blown ignorance. Just how Core came to be that way, and what role Core has to play in the fate of Tierveh and the Nephilim, is what Enosis is all about.

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