RE: “Generation Y” doesn’t want to invest

Let’s talk about this Reuters article posted over at MSNBC. (And before I get blabbing, a quick aside: the label “Generation Y” is insulting. It seems to imply that the only thing significant about my age-group is that we born after the just-as-stupidly-named “Generation X.”)

I don’t have any argument that the basic premise is true: people my age are probably going to be less likely to invest in stocks,  money markets and so on. Why is that the case? It’s probably because we’ve seen ye olde financial system use those scams to steal money and freedom from our parents’ generation. The article has a clear bent to it that suggests the younger generation’s refusal to invest is a bad thing; there’s an unspoken question being asked here: “How can we get these young people to forget what they’ve learned by watching their parents get royally fucked and convince them to hand their money over to the banking elite so we can keep pretending the current financial system is worth a damn instead of being a huge legally protected pyramid scheme?”

Yeah, I’m being a little obtuse. But not a whole lot.

All the recent problems with our financial system aren’t just hiccups in the system, they’re blatantly obvious signs that our financial system doesn’t work. The worst thing my generation could do is ignore the lesson here and continue contributing to the irreparably broken clusterfuck that we’ve inherited. The problem isn’t that young people are refusing to buy into the American financial system, the problem is that the American financial system isn’t collapsing quickly enough.

The Federal Reserve, the banking cartels, Wall Street–nothing’s going to get fixed until the whole mess is cleared out of the way and the people who were in power under the old system have been relegated to political obscurity. The current system can’t be fixed. It shouldn’t be given any more resources in hopes that things will get better, because they won’t. The only hope  lies in starting over 100% fresh from the ground up, and until that happens, young people are right not to give the bastards another dime.

The article has it all backwards. The problem at hand isn’t that young people need to be convinced to contribute to a system that will inevitably fuck them over just like it did their parents. The problem is that the banking cartels got away with using their fist-tight control of Congress to further rob the American people instead of jumping out of windows two years ago. I’m not investing a goddamn dime until I see the bank barons, hedge fund managers and stock brokers splattered on the pavement.

Jump, motherfuckers. It’s the best thing you could possibly do for this country, and until you do, non contributum.

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